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I need to upgrade my 1520 to a... 1520 for one reason. Microsoft Band.


New member
May 29, 2012
So I upgraded my 1520 to Windows 10 and the Band doesn't work properly with Windows 10. So I downgraded to 8.1 and the Band works flawlessly with it. I did try later again to a different 10 build but again I had to downgrade to 8.1.

Anyhow my 1520 screen is crazy. With phantom touches, freezing screen etc. Unbearable. I have to constantly flex the screen back and forth to get it working. So I need a new phone. Problem is I want a good phone and I can't have a 950xl because that has Windows 10 on it and Windows 10 will not work with Band 2. So the next best phone which is 8.1 compatible is the 1520 - the phone I already own. Bah!

It is such a shame that Windows 10 for phones has been around for ages and Microsoft refuse to fix the Band syncing problems! Unbelievable!

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