I Think I Want People Hub "Back"


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Dec 14, 2012
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Today I was reminded about an article that came out a week or so ago on WP Central about comments made by Microsoft CEO Satay Nadella. In the article Nadella spoke about how Microsoft defines success not in market share but in how well they implement their vision of mobility and cloud integration (I'm paraphrasing). He went on to describe how it's all about people and how people get their information essentially. I really liked this.

Then I started thinking about People Hub. And the current People Hub is not what it use to be. The PH we had before had awesome FB & Twitter integration. I could comment through the OS unto FB & Twitter In a flash. I could update my status without having to go into the app. In short, the OS itself was truly the experience. The phone was built around the OS and not the apps. And don't even get me started on Music Hub.

I'm a WP ****** and I'm not leaving. But am I the only one who wants PH "back"?


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Oct 3, 2012
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I agree, same with the Messaging hub, I really liked that feature, but was probably more Facebook wanting them to remove it given they even removed messaging from the main app in all OSs
While I understand why they pulled the features, however I'd like to have seen some basic functions remain within the OS such as like a comment and replies and reply to a comment or picture. Then leave more advanced functions like add a photo to comments, share a comment, etc require the app using the social extensions.

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