I updated my OS to Windows 10 but my Extra + Info still says Lumia Denim. Why?

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Hi guys,

I'm feeling a bit confused. I'm currently using a Lumia 930. Yesterday I updated my firmware to Windows 10. I signed onto the Insider program and went on the fast track, after the updates were done, I am now experiencing a few problems. Mainly that I cannot seem to sync my contacts from outlook. :(

When checking my Extra + Info, it states that I'm running Lumia Denim. I compared the info with my dad's phone (also a Lumia 930), he also went on the fast track, and his Extra + Info shows that he's running Windows 10. Other than the name on the top, everything else is the same - core build ID, build creation date, etc etc.

Now I'm wondering if something went wrong somewhere with my update that it's showing Lumia Denim and that's why I am unable to sync my contacts?

Anyone knows how to fix this and what's going on?


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Jun 13, 2013
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Did you restore a backup after the update to W10? Also did you do a hard reset after the update? I recommend starting fresh no restore and do a hard reset. Then you shouldn't see Denim anymore and should have a lot less issues. Good luck!

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