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Jun 24, 2012
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Bought a new Samsung Focus 2 with ATT a month ago. Issues I don't like:

Can't block a phone number
Talk to text sucks. It doesn't understand Proper names well, otherwise it takes a few tries t o get a message right.
With ATT I'm sitting with OS update 7.10.8112. Because of that I can't send a video shot on the phone to anyone via phone only. It's too big for email and ca't be chosen for a text message. What's the point of uploading to your Skydrive, if you can't share via phone. You have to share via PC.
Screen and buttons on Focus 2 seem too sensitive I don't even have to touch the screen and letters are typed.
Local TV stations here in Tampa have apps for Android and Apple. but none for Windows.
We've had tons of tornadoes around here today, and having one of the local weather apps which which have tornado warnings would have been nice.
Zune is quirky. It has a problem with punctuation in mp3 tags, which sometimes leads to corrupt file names.
Talk to text doesn't seem to well implemeted across platform. Apps for Mango (Evernote) don't have a microphone icon beside keyboard to translate talk to text like Android's version.
Will have to buy a new phone in October, if 7.8 version doesn't help with these issues. Will Windows 8?

Things I like: Battery life seems good, 2-3 days, although I've never used an Android or Iphone.
Going though menus is pretty easy.
Phone was only $25


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Jul 4, 2011
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The apps is totally understandable. It is the biggest drawback to Windows Phones in general. Local apps are near non-existent, and will only come when WP is a solid third place OS with a good 15% - 20% worth of Smartphone sales. But there are some GREAT free weather apps such as Accuweather, Weather Bug (my personal favorite), and some great, cheap pay ones if you hate adds. They are very accurate with local weather and I find mine to be great. Also, Samsung's "Now" app is hooked straight into accuweather, and will allow for local settings.

As a former Tampa resident (still a huge Bucs fan, lived right by the Air Force Base after moving from North Fort Myers), I totally understand the need for dependable weather. Hope you enjoy all the other WP experience. Also, I can promise the F2 will be dependable. Sammy does good hardware.


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Sep 8, 2011
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The Weather Channel's app would've served you well. They have local alerts.

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