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Icon Will Not Charge to 100%

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WPCentral Question

Hi Folks,

Just had a quick question regarding the Icon I picked up a few weeks ago-no matter what I do, the phone will not charge to 100%. It literally hits an invisible ceiling at 87%. Based on a lot of googling I've done, I've let the battery fully drain twice, I've tried soft resetting the phone, etc but nothing has fixed the issue. I'm exclusively using the charger that comes with the phone so I can't imagine that there should be a problem with that.

This has been a problem since the very first night I got the phone. Everything else works great but this is driving me crazy. Has anyone had any luck fixing this problem or do you guys think I just have a faulty unit?


New member
Jan 3, 2012
I've had this problem before, but a soft reset (power button + volume down) always worked. Since you've already tried it, I'm not sure what else I can suggest.

Actually, this may sound silly, but with some other issues, I've actually found a simple power down, minimum 10 second wait and restart (i.e. not a full soft reset as described above) will actually work better than than the soft reset.

You may as well give it a try....