I'm genuinely interested in a Windows Mobile, i.e. Lumia 950, but I'm having some reservations

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Hello all.

I have been for the longest time an Android user since I got my first smartphone years ago, but I am recently mulling about getting a Windows-powered phone in the near future (by summer time, once I graduate university) since Android for me has lost its appeal to me (through lags and crashes, along with wanting a new experience) and I am looking for something dependable and stable once I enter the workforce. Now, I am not too heavily invested in Google services and the Android ecosystem in particular (haven't bought a single app) , since I rely on my laptop to get most of my computing needs done and I use my smartphone to entertain me through music, videos and games (on local memory); read and review my Word, Powerpoint and Excel documents; view downloaded ebooks, check email and get news alerts.

I don't have an IOT device or something that I would want to sync with my phone, other than streaming music to my bluetooth speaker or read a flash drive through OTG. I commute by bus daily to get to uni, and I imagine that it would be the same the moment I start working since I live in a commuter city. We don't have bus schedules nor electronic payments set up, not that I'm aware of, maybe in some select transactions but most is payed for by credit or cash since I live in a developing country. Bottom line is I want a device that would entertain me as much as compliment my productivity once I get a job. I have been exhaustively checking out the reviews on the recent Lumia devices, and I feel like it's a good fit for my needs but the situation of Windows 10 mobile has me on pause. Is it really that dire and bleak for the future of the platform?

Also, though I only use three social apps namely Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, I rely significantly on them to connect with friends. Also email is a must as I both use Yahoo and Gmail, along with Skype for calls to family abroad.

Summing it up, my needs are:

1)Music, video and games
2) Office apps and news both international and local; also weather
3) Banking, but having tried my bank through the browser I can confirm it works
4) Social and communication; internet browsing
5) Camera, for capturing moments during events
6) Cloud storage for documents
7) Transport apps are a bonus, being the most popular here is Grab and Uber, though I can always hail a cab

My questions are:

1) Is it sensible to buy a Lumia in 2016 with the direction MS is heading?
2) Are the apps that I would require 'do the job' for my needs? In terms of quality.
3) Are the bugs as bad as users make them out to be?
4) Does the camera live up to the Pureview namesake?
5) Is the battery life adequate enough with moderate usage to get me through the day?
6) I've used TFT/IPS screens solely before and this would be my first time using AMOLED. I hear they fade out and have this burn-in problem, so should I be concerned?
7) Does it support FM radio? Especially for the Asia/Middle Eastern models as I'm planning to buy from either of the two.

I apologize for the lengthy post, but this would be the first time I would be switching platforms (if it pushes through), and I want to have a device that would enhance, not hamper my daily life so you could see my concern. I am from the Philippines BTW, and I thank you for taking time to read this and more thanks should you choose to answer.


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Hi there, its great that you seem to have put a lot of research into this. Lets' step through some of those questions.

1) There's no reason to suggest that Windows 10 isn't a valid choice going forwards. Revenue is only down because Microsoft aren't creating a huge range of devices any more. The 950/950XL phones are aimed at "the fans" and thus haven't been heavily promoted.
2) Yes. Banking apps are a bit of a sore point, but if you're able to access your account via the web, then this is great
3) Yes and No. There's plenty of people using Windows 10 Mobile who are happy with the system. There are some users for which a particular feature not working is unacceptable. I'd advise you to read those reports carefully and see whether they would also cause you an issue. some issues are "per device" or "per user", meaning a particular issue might not affect everyone with the same device.
4) Yes, camera on the 950XL is far better than my 1520 in my estimation.
5) Yes. You'll get less life at the start as the battery/system settles in (and you'll use it a lot more to start with). I get over 24 hours on a charge now
6) Unknown at this point, it's too early to say. To be on the safe side, I have my screen turning off after a couple of minutes.
7) Sorry, I don't know this one.

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