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I'm really trying make WP8 work for me...


New member
Jun 15, 2014
Okay, I need to vent about this OS now they I've used it on a couple devices over the last month or two. There are some really nice features in windows phone that make it a joy to use, but there seems to be some major problems that are forcing me back to Android. Let's just make it a list of problems and maybe someone can help me out with them

1. Loading, resuming, refreshing: This has been by far the most annoying issue when doing anything from opening the camera to playing music. When I open Xbox Music, Spotify, or really any app that has a list of information, there is always a delay from the app opening to when I can do something. It's like the apps have no ability to cache info and have to load the list each time by reading the folders. For me just wanting to quickly load a song and go, it takes at least twice the time than it does on Android using the same apps. The loading and resuming on the camera and other areas of the OS should be fixable with software, but this lag in getting info is beyond me.

2. Bugs, bugs, bugs: I have a 1520. It has a scroll tap issue. I want to break my 1520. Sure has been awhile that this issue has been talked about. Probably won't get a fix.

3. Boring esthetics: this is always one those opinions that can be argued to death and never reach an agreement, but it's something I noticed on all my windows phones. Every single app and feature that isn't the homescreen is boring. The wallpaper in the background and the live tiles make windows phone one of the best OS's for anyone who likes getting info right now with no clutter. Its a true pleasure to use. But one step away from that homescreen and windows phone reminds me of the Zune HD interface. Text on black or white page with ZERO appeal. Its so sterile and bland to look at that I just don't want to use anything. The amazon app looks worse than the module version of the site, the podcast and music apps are lifeless. They look like a rough draft of an app before the devs put any texture or color to the interface. Where a good version of android can make a $100 Moto G feel like a $350 Nexus, WP8 makes my $500 L1520 feel like my $100 L635. Sure the hardware is top notch, but when it comes down to which OS I want to use in my 8 hour work day, Android is just more attractive. Even iOS puts some unique flourishes to its interface that make it nice to look at. Not any better to use than a bag of crap, but it's a pretty bag of crap.

I could keep going, but then I'll just be nit picking. These are my main complaints that keep me using android. Please give me feedback on what can be done to possibly make this phone work like I know it can.

On right, and AT&T. Why put the tap to pay feature in the settings. That's just mean...

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