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Oct 14, 2011
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Impossible Mountain was FEATURED in the Windows Phone Marketplace today! See what all the craze is about!

Download now, FREE:

Video Demo:
Impossible Mountain - Free For Windows Phone 7 - YouTube

Control Gruff McDuff - veteran mountain climber and treasure hunter extraordinaire - on an action packed adventure in this addictive vertical platformer!

With simple one touch gameplay, beautiful hand drawn graphics, and charming art design, Impossible Mountain tests your skills as you navigate the treacherous terrain. Avoid dangerous obstacles while collecting valuable Loot. Time your jumps carefully as you destroy the ice monsters by jumping through them. Destroy 3 of the same type in a row for a ride in the hot air balloon, using your phone's accelerometer!

Upgrade your equipment in the Shop and face off against the mountain's most dangerous forces with your Ice Bombs! An online leaderboard lets you compete against the world to see who is the highest climber!

-Simple one touch gameplay - easy to play, fun and challenging to master!
-Delightful hand drawn graphics and animation
-Control the hot air balloon by tilting your phone
-Complete Field Manual explains everything to know about the dangers you'll face
-Full musical soundtrack and fun sound effects
-Online leaderboards - compete against the world!
-Local game Achievments!

GlowPuff on Twitter: @GlowPuff
GlowPuff on the Web: GlowPuff

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