In dash car pc/computer with Windows 8.1 (or 10!)


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Dec 11, 2012
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I've been searching & searching for a double din Windows 8.1 (or 10) head unit to replace my current Android head unit in my truck. The ONLY one I can find is from e3io, and they are incredibly expensive! I've been pondering building my own unit, using a double din 7" capacitive screen with HDMI input & USB for the touch, but I can't find any with hi enough resolution to support Modern Apps. I would use a mini PC, like the Zotac or the USB Intel for the computer, but there are many things to work out yet, such as auto sleep when vehicle is turned off, sound amplifier for 4-6-8 speakers, depending on the vehicle, not to mention sound controls, volume etc.....
The e3io unit is very nice, and would fit my needs, but who needs an I3, I5 or I7 for a car PC. It just drives up the price. All that's needed is an SSD for fast boot time & 2 or 4 gbs of RAM, along with a Haswell Atom processor. Also, Ethernet connection in a vehicle???? Why?
Does anyone have some input on ideas of how to build one? I wouldn't need any cd/dvd slot, and the screens I've been seeing support automatic backup for rearview camera, but they are low resolution.

Comments please!


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Oct 5, 2012
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I've wanted to do this for a while now. I keep a Surface in my car and its a blast for road trips because my friends can just pass around the surface to change songs or watch a movie and let it play through the speakers via Bluetooth.

IDK how much custom work you want to do, but mounting an original Surface RT or the Surface 2 in your dash would be sick. (a personal dream of mine) I've seen it down with iPad and Galaxy Tabs, but a Surface would be incredible!


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Apr 7, 2014
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There are a lot of open frame monitors on ebay or ali. The resolution is 1280*800 and it will be compatible with metro interface. Or you can looking for industrial displays, like Advantech, with 1024*600 in seven inches. But this resolution as i know, will be supported only in next generation of windows

Dono Newcomb

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May 8, 2014
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but who needs an I3, I5 or I7 for a car PC.

The question is who wouldn't. I understand that some people may not use their car stereo this way. But trust me when I tell you that once you get used to using your phone for many things that people never used to there is no going back. The same will be true here as well.

For now we do not have mobile devices powerful enough to do what a lot of us want, we came close with continuum in our W10M devices, but now with the seemingly abandoned devices we have all come to love and rely on in mobile settings we have the opportunity to have even more. Many of us spend A LOT of time in our vehicles, imagine having the power of "Hey Cortana" and a fully functional PC sporting a powerful desktop version cpu and 8gigs of ram operating on a dedicated wifi hotspot with navigation and bluetooth hands free phone operation. All of a sudden we find ourself with a whole lot of options.

If you ask me this is a viable option for professional windows users as well as enthusiasts.

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