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In Onedrive, why aren't my Recent photos album cover updating?


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Onedrive "Recent photos" album cover not updating

Hello, i have a problem with the onedrive album in my luma 520 WP8.1. Couple days ago my gf took a picture of me with my phone as a joke. Lets say it was not an "appropiate" photo, so after some giggling i decided to delete it. I sure did, i deleted it from my phone and from onedrive as well as i saw it got automatically uploaded.
The thing is that that picture got stuck as the cover of the "recent photos" online album. There's no way i can change it or delete it, nor the album. I tried taking pictures, uploading manually, going into onedrive on my pc but nothing seems to work. Somewhere else i read i should log out of onedrive, but that's impossible in my phone.
I'm not stressed because someone else can see it, i don't see that happening. I just want to have my phone work how it is supposed to work.
Oct 7, 2014
Re: Onedrive "Recent photos" album cover not updating

Awww mate...snap !!! Same thing happened to me. Tried EVERYTHING you said and did... Only way out of it....was to hard reset the damn phone and as the pic wasn't no longer there (same kind of pic as yours lol) it was all fine. Bloody shame as it should be such an easy thing to do. Took me 22 sodding hours of re-downloading all my apps again non stop