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my pc is ready for windows10 upgrade from 8.1 but i cant download 3gb on my mobile data so i got an image from someone who already received the upgrade but it keeps on asking for a product key when i try to upgrade directly with autorun. i only have the 8.1 key.... what should i do? please help my 8.1 product key is valid and activated. just bought the pc a month ago.


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Aug 26, 2014
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For some reason, it's unable to locate your product key on your machine. If the Windows 10 installation finds a valid product key, it will automatically upgrade that key without prompting.

Also, in order to upgrade and update your existing product key, you MUST be connected to the internet, otherwise, Windows 10 will be unable to verify the validity of your product key. If you are not connected to the internet, please connect and try again.

If you are concerned about data downloads, as is the reason you are using the ISO, let me warn you that the first thing Windows 10 will want to do even before you complete the install is to download updates that have been released since release. These updates are at least 1GB or more. I would recommend you taking your PC somewhere temporarily where you can hook into an unlimited Internet in order to perform the upgrade. It's a hassle, but you should just have to do that the one time.

Be sure to check out the thread How-to Get Started with Windows 10, as it can give you not only directions on how to get started, but will also give you links to articles that can show you how to troubleshoot and fix problems as well. I recommend you take the time to go through and read the links before attempting the upgrade, so that you can keep yourself from falling into one of the many problems that can arise during the upgrade.

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