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Internet Explorer 11 - issue?


New member
Jan 21, 2014
Hi, sorry for the weird title. didn't really know how to title this and not sure where else to go to ask my question.

Anyway, I use Phonlyapp as a news reader, but as some of you would know, you have to open the link in IE if you want to see the full article. recently i've been having problems with the way the article opens up in IE for one particular website. I'm referring to the Pocket Now website.

Problem 1: It used to be, when i click the link from Phonly, it will open up in IE, and it opens as a 'mobile version', which has been working perfectly for the longest time. But recently, i think after the 8.1 GDR 1 update, it keeps opening the page as 'desktop version'.I've checked the IE setting, the website preference has already been set to 'mobile version' but again, for some reason, it keeps on opening as 'desktop view'. switching the option in the IE setting around does nothing.

Problem 2: then occasionally, even without touching it, (and this is the thing that is annoying me the most) it would suddenly open into a new link showing ["Message from webpage. Please renew your whatsapp's appearance" with a "ok" button.] its so weird!
the link shows: my.htstny.com/topic/whatsapp/?geo=MY
am i facing some bug? malicious link? what the heck is going on? i didn't click on anything resembling a whatsapp link!

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