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Is 7.8 the "Tango" of windows phone 8?


New member
Jan 8, 2012
Will we see low end handsets be released with 7.8 even after windows phone 8 comes out?
I mean, we see low end phones that are "under" the minimum specs for mango being released on a limited version of the OS.

Will windows phone 7.8 become a low end OS like tango?

I actually like this idea, I mean, when you get a new phone, it is a high end device, but when the next version comes out, your phone becomes a low end device, with a limited OS


New member
Aug 30, 2011
I believe they said all "legacy" devices are getting 7.8 but no, I don't see it as "tango". Maybe I'm taking it too literally but Tango is a minor update and not an OS overhaul