Is it possible to block specific mobile networks in Windows Mobile 10?

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Is it possible to block specific mobile networks in Windows Mobile 10

It's a real bone of contention with me and WP8.1 I live in a bit of a blackspot, near a border. And my phone keeps connecting to a foreign network. I keep roaming switched off; but if I forget, I get nailed. If I go overseas and want to roam, I have to remember to switch it on. It's not the end of the world, but surely there's a way of doing this (given that you can do it on Android!).

I've got a Lumia 1520 that I haven't upgraded to WP10 yet. Because of a lot of things. But if I could block specific networks, that would push me into the upgrade!




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Nov 12, 2012
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You can do this in W10M or in 8.1.

W10M path: Settings > System > Network & Wireless > Cellular & SIM > SIM settings > Search for networks > select the choice you want to lock down (always use) from the drop down menu...

8.1 path: Settings > Cellular & SIM > SIM settings > Network selection > use the drop down menu.

NOTE: You will want to do this in an area where your carrier of choice is being received by your device as you can only force a choice that is "visible" to a scan.

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