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Is it possible to simply export your Zune/Groove Pass history to a file for reference purposes?

James Auman

New member
Dec 7, 2015
I may or may not move to Spotify, but regardless, i'd rather choose what songs I add to my collection in whatever new service I use. So it would help me if I could export to a file/spreadsheet a list of songs/artists/albums that I've both listened to, as well as added to my music, or even to a playlist. Same for my playlists. I'd like to simply export my playlists to a file/spreadsheet so if I choose to recreate it elsewhere, I can refer back to it and remember what was in it. Any ideas? I know Microsoft tracks this info in their Groove Pass database because they use it to create automated playlists for me. I'd love to get an export of all my data.