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Apr 14, 2014
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I have Nokia 1520, was on dev preview. Yesterday it started with a small problem - my call+sms filter stopped working (phone was not on cyan, there was an error with an update). So after couple of soft resets, half of my phone stopped working - no apps, skype, whatsapp, camera, etc.
So, I decided to use Nokia Software Recovery tool. Unfortunately, there was a problem with my backup files, so I had to use old backup, lost a lot of apps, left my phone for the night to re-install everything...
Now is the question. Now I have fresh windows 8.1 + cyan on Lumia 1520. No GDR1 (no live folders for example, I will miss it the most). Do you suggest I should stick with stable build, or update to Dev Preview again? It's just - I was waiting for Cyan so long...
And finally... How do I leave Dev preview program, if I decide to update anyway. Do I just un-tick the box and soft reset? Or I need to use Nokia Recovery again?
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Jan 12, 2013
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We may not be able to answer your first question, since it's a question of a risk you'll be taking (not us). But if not having Live Folders isn't hampering with the user experience of your phone, then I may suggest waiting for the stable build release.

For the second question, you may leave the developer preview program by just un-ticking the box in the Preview for Developers App, and then maybe perform a soft rest (not sure if this is necessary, though). The catch is that you will not be able to roll back to a "stable" commercial build once you have installed any update accessible only through the DevPrev program.

The latest "stable" commercial build (firmware revision number) and its availability is posted in this page of the Microsoft website*. The latest "stable" commercial OS version is in this page of the Windows Phone website. If your OS version matches the one in the Windows Phone website, you don't need to "roll back". However, any OS version newer than what is posted in the Windows Phone website is a DevPrev version... in which case you will need the Nokia Software Recovery Tool to roll back.

*- you will need to select your region and then browse for your country

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