Is microsoft ever going to release a new phone on verizon

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Is Microsoft ever going to release a new phone on Verizon? The have abandoned all the Microsoft phone users on Verizon by dropping support for the only Microsoft Phone Verizon sells. Why doesn't Microsoft just pay to have their phones certified on Verizon like everyone else and stop the childish games. I have been a loyal Microsoft fan for year but it is getting harder and harder every year. If Microsoft has no plans to release phones on Verizon or in general just put out a press release already and stop leaving people in limbo. If the MS build this year is any indication form Microsoft about Windows mobile it is that they them self have given up. I mean not one windows phone in the demos or videos. Instead IOS phones. Not to mention the Azure app they are releasing on IOS and Android before their own platform. What kind of message is that sending? Besides the perceived one that Microsoft has no intention of releasing more windows Phones.


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May 6, 2015
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Why are u loyal to Microsoft when they don't care about the consumer market anymore? They wan u to get a android that's what they are all doing

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