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Windows phone on Verizon


New member
Mar 5, 2014
Dan (and anyone else in the WC crew),

Given the state of the W10M over the last 2 years or so, and what we have seen from MS and other OEM's and carriers, in your humbler opinion, do you think that Verizon is to fault for not carrying ANY more windows phones after the 735? An odd question I know, but a large number of us are locked into our carriers for one reason or another. From the release of the 950/950xl through the x3 and the 4s we've seen the release of a number of "potentially" good windows phones (whether they actually are is a matter of opinion one way or the other), but so far none of them were released on verizon, still by far one of the largest carriers in the US. Any idea why that may be the case? I realize that you may have already addressed this, but given my job and family its sometimes hard for me to keep up on all of this. I really love my win phone...and am on verizon so am looking forward to the next iteration of it there...I would likely have upgraded to any of the current ones had they been offered on Verizon, but it seems like no dice.

So again....is it verizon? or the manufacturers....is it that much more to add the CDMA so that these phones would have worked on the VZW network or is VZW levereging its stock in android against Win Phone?

Thanks guys, and keep up the good work