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is my windows 8 phone compatible with the pava pro 360 virtual reality headset?

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Wanting to see if my phone will work with a pava pro 360


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Nov 12, 2012
PavaPro is one of many "Cardboard" clones... A generic "fits any phone" headset so in that regard, yes, it will work with your Windows Phone 8 device...

Here's the deal, your phone is the engine to drive this thing.
  • Search the store for VR and make sure you see enough Apps to satisfy you
  • Is your phone ready for VR regardless of headset choice?
  • Larger screens are better (5.5" seems to be a sweet spot)
  • Higher resolution and pixel density are better (many recommend 1440p and up, I would not go below 1080p if you really want a sustainable experience)
  • More CPU/GPU is better (Snapdragon 6xx and 8xx series, the Adreno GPU level is telling... 4xx and up is a good indicator)
  • More RAM is better (2GB bare minimum)
  • More battery is better (especially if you want to play a lot, it is pretty draining to power that much graphics)

Without knowing what phone you have and the OS version (is it 8.0 or 8.1, does it have Lumia Firmware {Amber - Denim}), it makes it more difficult to give you a definitive yes or no answer.

How about price? Generic VR headsets are proliferating wildly right now. They are not all the same. Looks like the PavaPro comes with a Bluetooth Controller, many makers bundle this in now. The controllers may also be had separately at quite low prices so beware of actually paying more for the bundle then you would for separate components.

What do you want in a generic VR Headset?
  • One or more magnetic "switches" to interact with Apps
  • Padding that goes all the way around, including the nose bridge, to cut out light bleed - also be aware of how the phone mounts and whether that may lead to light bleed as well
  • A port to expose the rear camera so you can use AR (Augmented Reality) Apps
  • Ports to attach wired headphones and/or charger cables as needed
  • Adequate venting to help keep the phone from overheating

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Also we have a sister site that might help you learn more about VR in general: VRHeads | Best VR Guide for Virtual Reality Headsets, Top Picks and How To VR Heads has a Blog and a Forum, just like Windows Central, Android Central, iMore, Crackberry and all the Mobile Nations sites.