Is the 8x "future proof" enough for 2 years?


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May 24, 2011
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I would go as far to say that the 8X greatly impressed everyone despite an initial reaction that the specs were too weak. In fact, some prefer this phone significantly over the higher spec'd 920.

But, I have two concerns and was curious on people's feedback.

#1 - 16GB of capacity.
This is the most obvious concern. While XBOX MUSIC CLOUD can sub for local music storage, will 16GB be enough for the future of WP8?
With enhanced CPU & graphics processing power, it is possible game size will double or even triple over WP7. Combine that with local GPS map storage (~2GB+), usable space (~14.5gb), and you are talking only about 12gb available for apps. While this would be perfect for WP7, I think it may be too small for WP8's eventual game sizes if you were to be into games.

#2 - No gyroscope
Arguably less critical, but the lack of gyroscope means some apps will have a lesser experience and some games will not control as well. Definitely not a deal-killer like the space might be, but still worth considering.

The bottom line will depend what the restrictions are for WP8 games and where the focus will be placed. If say there is a hard 512mb limit Microsoft implements like the limit imposed on XBLA games early on, then 16GB of space will be fine. If games go beyond 1GB and start using gyro, there might be some remorse in ownership of this phone a year from now.

ON ANOTHER NOTE does anyone think Verizon will get the 4.7" version of the 8X? Or do you think this will be another AT&T buy?

Also, can the 8X do simultaneous voice & data over LTE?

Thoughts? I would totally buy this phone if it was 32 or 64gb (or a 1yr contract), but the 16gb for 2 years makes me hesitate - and the lack of gyro is a bummer too although much less so.
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