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Is the Surface Go supposed to use both the IR camera AND webcam for Windows Hello?


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Apr 15, 2012
We have both a Surface Go and a Surface Pro at home. When using Windows Hello on the Surface Pro I always see the red light from the IR camera, AND the white LED that lights up when the webcam is in use. However, when using the Surface Go, I'm only seeing the red light from the IR, but not the white LED from the webcam anymore. This started a few months ago.

The LED still works if I launch the camera app, or if I'm in a video chat, but not when signing in with Windows Hello, so I'm suspecting that it is only using the IR camera for that.

I didn't see any relevant driver errors in the Event Viewer (only some Bluetooth and screen digitizer errors, but nothing related to Windows Hello or any cameras). Not sure if I was not looking for the right stuff.

I wanted to do a clean install of the OS for other reasons, and I used the opportunity to do so, but even after a clean install (not through Recovery > Reset, but using a USB stick to do the clean install), I still only see the red IR light and not the light from the webcam. Again, the webcam and its LED are still working whenever I use the camera app or join a video call. Since this started happening I am having a hard time using Windows Hello because of an increased number of instances where it doesn't recognizes me or my wife, and we end up entering the PIN. I have tried the "Improve Recognition" process many times, but it has not helped.

So to anyone using Windows Hello on a Surface Go, do you only see the red IR when signing in with Windows Hello, or do you see both the IR light and the white LED of the webcam when signing in? I'm just trying to figure out if it is supposed to only use the IR, or if it is supposed to use both.

Does anyone have any recommendations on any additional troubleshooting steps I can follow to find out if the device has any hardware issues?
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Apr 15, 2012
The LED is now working again! Here's what I did:

As reported on my original post, I did a clean install, but the web cam LED was still not turning on when using Windows Hello even after doing that. Even though I did not have any devices showing errors or issues in Device Manager, I went to Microsoft's Download Center and downloaded the Surface Go Drivers.

After running the installation and rebooting the Go, it did turn on both the IR and the webcam LED when signing in. I have rebooted this thing at least 10 times in different light conditions to see if I need to enter my PIN, and it has recognized me every single time. :smile:

The package I installed was: SurfaceGo_Win10_17134_1901010_1.msi. Keep in mind that the version you need to install depends on the Windows version and build installed on your Surface Go. The good thing is that if you try to install one that is not for your version, the install will tell you and quit without making changes to your system.

Not sure if doing this before the clean install would've solved the problem, but I'm glad to see that it is working now.


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Mar 1, 2011
Thank you HeyCori! Is it still recognizing you well, or are you often having to enter the PIN?

Still recognizes me, though it works much better in landscape mode versus portrait. That's even after "training" it a bunch of times.

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