Is there a legal conflict between Mircrosoft and Verizon Wireless?

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Firstly, let me say this: I'm cheap, thrifty, tight, and don't like to part with my money unless I've shopped-til-I-drop. I've spent four days attempting to purchase a Lumia 735 Windows phone with a Verizon Wireless plan. Although research has show that, at times, this phone has been offered for as little as $50., right now, it is $192. at the Verizon Wireless Store, online.

Day 1: Went to Verizon Wireless, online, and chose the Lumia 735 and a 1Gb plan. Purchasing this way, I paid $192 up front and the plan was $20+$30, the minimum date plan available.

Why? I've been using a 3G phone for the last 7 years <or so> through Sprint and my total bill has always been $34-$37/mo.. I did this for so long that any 4GLTE seemed like a ridiculous amount of money. The most frustrating thing that pushed me to the edge of making a decision to go to a 4G phone was that I have had an increasingly difficult time in syncing my phone with my Outlook Contacts on my desktop much so that I, now, cannot sync with the desktop at all any longer.

Following paragraph two and Getting back to purchase process, on Day 2 and after ordering the phone and plan online, I found the same phone at the Microsoft Store, online, for $49. and so I called CS for the Verizon Wireless Online Store and explained my new-found savings opportunity. They explained that they had no price-matching policy at VzW and, if I wanted the deal that Microsoft offered, that I would have to cancel my order/account with Verizon. I did so. They told me that I would have to return the new phone to a local VzW Store as soon as I received it before credit would be obtained for the money spent when I ordered online. What they didn't tell me is that they were canceling the purchase and having the phone returned BEFORE FedEx delivered it. I found out two days later when I called FedEx <their tracking number said it was on the truck for delivery> and then VzW Online CS.

Day 3: Attempted to complete an online purchase of the 735 at the MSStore online (search: "Verizon - Microsoft Lumia 735" without the quotes, once you get there). I put the phone in my "cart" and proceeded to choose a plan but, when I did so, I received a message on the screen indicating that I would have to contact CS because there was "an error". When I called the MS Store online CS, the Rep told me that my problem may be that Verizon might have my account (which should have been pending activation) and phone number "tied up" in the Order/Activation process.

Day 4: I talked to the MS Store online CS, again. It was at this point, yesterday, that I spoke to another MS CS Rep who informed me that MS and Verizon was in a contract dispute and had been so for at least three months. During the last three months, each and every attempt to purchase a MS phone with a Verizon Plan, online at the MS Store, has ended in this same frustration with no know resolution (to-date).

Now, is THAT about the most ridiculous thing that you've ever read about? !

I, of course, want the phone for $49 (after all, it's "old technology") and I want a Verizon Plan...and all that I can obtain is a "case number" and a promise to "escalate" my issue so that it will be bumped up the ladder until someone with half a brain can resolve it.

My question is: Is there any truth to the "legal issues problem" between Verizon and MS?
And my second question is: Is there a "work-around" that anyone has found that will speed my purchase process along?

yes, I will be a new Verizon Customer...I'm currently with Sprint


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Aug 26, 2014
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Verizon will give better coverage, but bad customer support. I can't compare it with Sprint as I've never been on Sprint.

The issue between Microsoft and Verizon is not a legal tussle, per se. They just have not yet been able to come to terms for a contract whereas Verizon would continue to carry the Microsoft phones. It's just a dispute over the terms of renewing their contract, and whether or want to. Problem is, Microsoft is finally forming backbone here.

Verizon is on the side that if they sell a phone, they will be in charge of all updates to the firmware/software for that phone. They only make the exception for the iPhone, because they have no choice as they would lose a lot of customers without it.

Microsoft is on the side that once Windows 10 Mobile hits a phone, Microsoft will control all future updates. Verizon doesn't like it because it keeps them from maintaining control. If people are able to get shiny new additions to their OS on a regular basis, why would they want to upgrade the hardware as often? Especially now that the hardware has gotten to the point of diminishing returns.

If it is great coverage you need, you'll get better coverage on Verizon 99 times out of 100. However, depending on where you live, about 80% or more living in the US get just as good of coverage from AT&T as they do from Verizon. AT&T, though not a fantastic history with Windows Phone, has the best history out of the big 4 and has been the most cooperative with Microsoft.

Just a bit of food for thought.

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