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Is there an app to organise my start/app menu?


New member
Oct 9, 2014
I'd really like a start button that shows my apps, BUT organised into games, online, work, etc
No, not like app folder, and def not like 8.1 update tile grouping - the issue there is that I don't realise an app has not been put into a group, and thus it gets 'lost' in the long start menu list. Actually app folder would work if it only had a way to list ALL my apps and show whether they are already assigned to a group or not.

So the app I would happily pay for would list all my apps, and allow me to assign each to a category, then when I press the tile I see a hierarchical list of categories with apps inside.
Seems like an easy app to dev, and wud be SO useful.

Clicking button would give this:

- games
- online
---Cloud drive
- social

Setup page could be very simple:
app1 [select category]
app2 [games]
app3 [games]
app4 [social]
app5 [social]
...ALL apps shown

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