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Is there Cortana in the India Lumia cyan update for 520


WPCentral Question

I have WP 8.1 Developer's Preview. since the lumia cyan update for 520 has come to india , I was not sure whether I must downgrade to wp 8 n then update to lumia cyan.. but is there cortana in the update? Is updating to lumia cyan worth deleting all games on sd card n then reinstalling cause lumia black doesnt support apps on sd card. When will microsoft release the direct update for developer preview testers to lumia cyan?


Community Review Team
Nov 12, 2012
Lumia Cyan smoothes over some rough edges like performance, battery...

Now look, you'll be downgrading to WP8 + Black only temporarily, then upgrading immediately, you don't have to restore right after downgrading. You can restore your apps after upgrading to 8.1 + Cyan.

Cortana for India is not in the current public release, which is the original 8.1 + Cyan. That would require the 8.1 Update, which is available in the Developer Preview. (Which you likely have.)

Now for the direct update from the DP to Cyan, we don't know when Microsoft will issue a fix.