Is this a good time to buy a 1520 or enter WP ecosystem?


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May 16, 2014
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I have been following WP for a long time. I had the 1520 several months ago before losing it and, for the most part really liked it. I got a decent deal on an LG G3 and have been using that for a couple of months. It's been ok but there have been a few Android-related issues with call quality and a general lack of stability, along with the slightly sub-par (compared to the 1520) camera, I still find myself with a preference for the 1520. I have a couple of questions, however.

Firstly, I am a big listener of podcasts and audiobooks. When I had the 1520 several months ago, I had trouble finding a decent podcast player. The native app had the features I wanted (auto downloads, variable speed playback) but it was bug-ridden. It missed scheduled downloads and, for some reason, it used up a ton of mobile data for no reason throughout the day and I had to disable it. I tried some third party players but couldn't find one with the auto download/variable speed features that I was looking for. Has the podcast situation improved at all in the last 6 months? I've heard that the Cyan update has broken the Audible app... that's a shame, though I can download audiobooks to the PC in MP3 format and then transfer them to the phone, so that's not a dealbreaker.

More generally, I'm not sure that it's wise to spend $350 (very slightly used) on a year-old phone. I keep thinking that Microsoft will announce new Lumias any day now and yet we hear nothing. Still, is it foolish to spend this amount on the 1520 at this point? With Windows 10 around the corner, should we expect new Lumias any time soon?

I appreciate any thoughts from current WP users. Anyone else coming from Android? Thanks!


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Jul 4, 2011
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Windows 10 is a ways away for mobile- middle of next year. Even when it comes out, there is zero reason to doubt the L1520 won't be the first in line to get upgraded. It is an amazing piece of hardware, and Windows 10 will be streamlined for mobile phones.

As far as new devices, heck I do not know. It is 3 months until 2015, and then if new WP flagships do not come out until Windows 10 does, that could be a 7-9 month wait.

Yes, the L1520 is safe to buy right now. It will hold up to whatever comes along.

Ecosystem wise, only you can decide that. Yes, as a fellow podcast fan- I feel your pain. It is one feature I am truly at odds with- I love my podcasts, but the native player is actually worse on WP 8.1 then on WP 8.0. Podcast apps haven't really won me over. So it truly depends on how happy you were on the WP OS VS. the Android options.

Me, I wouldn't leave unless MS really lets me down. But the ecosystem's improvements are truly up to you to decide if you enjoy it enough to leave your LG.

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