Is Windows 10 causing my laptop to freeze/not respond??

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I'm going to start in from the beiginng, back in December. I was turning in my laptop that I hadn't use in like a week or two and when I turned it on it sent me to this blue page saying i think "update was unsuccessful" (something like that I forgot :/ ) and I had the option to save my documents, pictures, and such but there was a possibility that it was going to erase my apps. So I obviously saved my important files and it did erase my apps like Google Chrome, iTunes, etc.

After that the laptop was totally fine. It's performance was still good (I've had it a little over a year and only used it for school stuff) and it was fast; I have an Acer Aspire E 17 and I think it has Windows 8 or 8.1 I'm not 100% sure.

Anyways it was until late February when I saw the little Windows 10 icon on my taskbar. I opened it, looked at the ads for it, but NEVER upgraded my laptop. I think I downloaded it because I thought "oh hey that's cool Microsoft is offering it free why not download it" and that's when everything started to freeze. But I never upgraded it to Windows 10 !!! I would open google Chrome and it said not responding, opened the file icon thing where all you files are stored that didn't respond either, and opened my iTunes and I can't even connect my iPod because it freezes that whole app and I can't see any of the things I have in my iPod, you know, where it says what kind of apps, music, I have. Where it basically says everything about the iPod (hopefully I'm explaining this clearly lol) And I think it's the whole Windows upgrade/update thing because I already updated the latest version of iTunes and it still does the same thing and my computer was NEVER this slow. This was the fastest computer I own and it can't be the WiFi either because the performance it has on other devices is super fast.

I rebooted this computer so many times this past few days that I had gone into loops. I've uninstalled the Windows update 3 times and it keeps popping up after a few hours of uninstalling it. So can ANYBODY help me understand or figure out what is happening to my computer, I don't even have a lot of files or used it constantly for it to be full of files. :(
Pls help me I'm ready to punch my computer.

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