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Issue with Swipe Keyboard after 8.1 update - Lumia 520


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I recently got the Cyan update. The swipe keyboard worked perfectly for couple of days but now freezes the keyboard.

When I swipe the keyboard for text though the swipe markers are shown text does not appear in the text box. To add to this the suggestions do not appear any more on the strip above the keyboard. After I swipe keyboard freezes and even if I type letters do not appear. Have to exit and comeback.
I have tried the options for "suggest text" and "type as I swipe in the settings" still no clue.

Please help!!!



New member
Aug 17, 2014
This started working when you delete all the keyboards and then reinstall your favourites. Thanks

Torcher Death

New member
Apr 28, 2014
yea...that was going to be my plan B... but its great that you've confirmed the solution for others who might be experiencing the same problem