Its launch day. How did you get your L1520


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Nov 19, 2012
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There is a red lumia 1520 at the local store waiting for me, I go online to do in store pick so i can take advantage of the 99.00 special. i chooose in store pick up and i put in my zip code and it says that the 50 closest stores have no stock which is not true. I called 3-4 store and they all have black in stock and the one store that is holding the red one for me. This is wrong and its the way att is doing it so you pay 199 instead of 99 if you really want one.
Nov 20, 2012
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Whoa....It has been a crazy ride this weekend

When i read the WPcentral article about possible delays in shipments, I was worried. I made sure to call around to all my local atts to make sure they would have stock. Some Store reps seemed clueless and then some seemed to know whether they would or not.

I got my Lumia 1520 on friday afternoon...but got home and discovered I can't make calls unless the phone is on speaker or using the headphones. It was pretty much useless if you tried to call and hold it to your ear because the phone wouldn't ring even though it showed the call timer increasing. I couldn't hear people and they couldn't hear me.

So i went back to another store yesterday, thankfully, they had ONE red one leftover and i exchanged it and so far the exchange seems good.

My first experience on friday was rep was this goofy dude who kept having to go ask his manager this or that question every few mins and it was annoying because it was like he had no idea what he was doing and he kept making these lame jokes and talking way too much. But he was a nice guy...It took an hour due to his delays he was having but we got it. He was fairly enthusiastic about the phone and seemed knowledgeable about it and he was trying to get me to buy the 2520 while i was there.

My second experience going to exchange the device, the lady was a bit cold/stand-offish and what not but she got me in and out of the store within 15 mins. But she wasn't exactly the most engaging woman. She said they had sold a few of the phones(and the tablet) since launch so I hope there were decent sales numbers.

I got two reps from the opposite ends of the spectrum, I suppose.



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Nov 25, 2013
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I bought my first 1520 from my local AT&T store, went with the black color. Their price was $584.99 + tax and I went with a Go Phone prepaid $60 plan. After playing with this phone for one evening I noticed it had a problem. The screen had a white spot about the size of an eraser head that was brighter than the rest of the screen. While doing some searching online I also found out that the Microsoft stores were selling the 1520's for $549 with a $50 app store credit. The next day I went back to AT&T to exchange the 1520 and ask them to at least match the $549 MS price. They refused to match the price and would not even waive the $35 restocking fee to refund a defective phone. I was so disgusted with their attitude I returned the 1520 for a refund with the restocking fee. I then drove over to the MS store. After looking at the red color I decided to go with red. I got the 1520 for $549 plus I got the $99 insurance protection that cover up to 2 accidental damage replacements with a $50 deductible. I also got the $50 app store card, plus $20 Nokia app store deal. I also picked up the Nokia CP-623 flip cover. Microsoft said they also offer a 14 day return but they have no restocking fee. So overall a much better deal than AT&T.

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