It's time for a new Surface Mini rumor


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May 7, 2011
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Apple fans routinely, and shamelessly, spread rumors and generate clicks with nothing more than sheer speculation about what the next iPhone will or won't include months before any announcement. With no more rationale than that, I hereby present my Surface Mini rumor here in April of 2016; a date that will probably be at least a year from the next group of device announcements from Microsoft.

The new device will be called the Surface Mini. It will be an 8 inch tablet with a high resolution screen and high pixel density. It will run on Skylake generation Intel chips and come in memory and storage choices from 4 to 12Gb and 128 Gb to 1Tb. It will be a Surface, so it will be made of magnesium and be of the same build quality. It will include a full range kickstand like the Pro 3 and 4 that will allow the tablet to be used on a desk in landscape mode. The Mini will come with the new Surface Pen and include the Microsoft G5 chip. The idea is that you would use the mini in portrait mode for note-taking with the pen and in landscape mode for watching media or using the device with a Bluetooth keyboard or a Surface Type Cover. The Mini will have the standard Surface cover connections so Pro model keyboards can be used but will be too big to be used as a cover. Microsoft won't make a specific type cover for the mini as it would be too small for productive use. The Mini will run off the Surface Connect plug and include a single USB C port as well as a MicroSD slot.

The real news of the Mini will be that it will run Windows 10 Mobile (including Continuum) and can be used as phone. No one wants to hold an 8 inch tablet to their face you say. I'm sure people do it now, but it does look silly. That is why the Mini will be sold with the Surface Bluetooth Headset. This new device, designed to automatically pair with the Mini and to complement it in appearance will be controllable with Cortana or with a Microsoft Band so the tablet can stay in your bag, purse, big pocket or at your side.

I think this device follows the Surface mission of creating a new category that is where Microsoft hopes phones are headed. A device that can really do everything while being easily carried and when used with easily carried accessories like the pen and headset becomes much more and when paired with slightly larger accessories such as a full sized keyboard and monitor, can replace many other devices and run any software because it is running full Windows.

I'd buy two of these myself.


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Jan 6, 2014
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In paragraph 3 you state that it's running Windows 10 Mobile, in paragraph 4 you state "full Windows."

Did you mean to say a full version of x64 Windows with fully functional Phone and Messaging apps and the requisite LTE radios?

Which is it?

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