Just got a Trophy, few Q's on battery life!


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Jul 6, 2011
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Hello all, I received my HTC Trophy several days ago from newegg, replaced the internal 16GB mem card with a PNY 32GB Class 10 and everything seems to be running smoothly so far. I ran it through its paces today and after about 7 hrs of playing .mp3's (through a BT headset), with about 15 mins of web browsing and (2) 5 min. calls in between, my battery life has drained down to about 1/8th or so being nearly depleted. Just wondering if there's a good extended battery available for this model that doesn't add significant bulk to the phone?

Also is there a setting of some sort that would let the phone charge only through the USB port as soon as it's plugged in without initiating a driver install (big no-no at work on their computers!) or are there such things as power/charge-only micro-usb cables available?

Thanks for any info!


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Jun 7, 2011
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No power outlets at work?

I will say that after a few cycles, the battery life improved for me considerably. I ordered some 1500mAH batteries from eBay (for the droid incredible) and they seemed to work ok. The problem I've been running into is the phone will die with no warning while the battery icon still shows a good 40% or more battery. Not sure what's going on there.

Verizon now offers a large extended battery, from what I could see bulk is definitely noticeable, but i guess that's the tradeoff.


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Dec 11, 2010
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I believe the Verizon extended battery is 2150mAh so it would give you plenty of juice. Looks like it it about 4-5mm, but not sure. The photos are at an angle rather than a side view.

Yes, you can get a USB charging only cable. They are usually thinner (and cheaper) than data cables. AT&T sells them as I assume Verizon does.

You battery life sounds about right, depending on how often the screen was on listening to music. Trophy talk time is 300 minutes. Talk time is is about the same as screen on/running processor intense tasks time. Playing music is not not as processor intense as browsing or viewing video, but it along with BT takes its toll.

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