Just what is the best way to sync music to my phone?


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May 13, 2012
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So here's my story guys,
Long time Zune User, got the original one when it came out, always used the music pass. So psyched when WP7 came out, finally had one device for everything. I had a samsung focus for quite a long time, expanded the memory with a 32GB micro SD, and I was set!
So I recently decided to upgrade to a WP8 device, more specifically, a Lumia 820, and I've been really disappointed with the music player. I'm a W7 user, and Again I expanded the memory on my Device, adding a 32GB.
When i first got my device, I was really disappointed to see that the Zune client will not work to sync my phone, bummer. I quickly learned that M$ released a WP8 Desktop app for Windows 7, I downloaded it, and transferred all my files over to my phone, which took like 7 hours... After that, I noticed just how slow the performance was on the music player, took like 30 seconds to switch songs, 10 seconds to just browse, it had copies duplicates of all my songs, the album arts, album year, etc where all gone, and to top it all off, I was unable to play my XMP / ZMP content!
I formatted the Device and learned that I am able to use Windows Media Player to sync my content, but to my surprise, I'm not able to sync my Subscription content over with WMP.
Someone then recommended me the dragging method, meaning just copying and pasting my files over to the Device, but It just won't let me paste my subscription content... AGAIN.
I later tried removing the Micro SD card, and adding the files without the phone connected - Wala! everything copied over to the Memory! When I added the card to my phone, I was surprised that all my Album art was there, the album year, and it didn't lag at all! but I'm still unable to play my subscription content...
I then again formatted my phone, used the Desktop tool, transferred all my music, only to be disappointed once more.

So guys, is there any way to work around this? is this a common issue? what the hell, better yet, why the hell did microsoft ruin our music experience?

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