Latest Forbes attack on Microsoft targets Windows 10 TP


Aug 2, 2012
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Forbes hardly has a reputation for even handed or objective journalism, particularly when it comes to Microsoft. Today, however, some alleged journalist took things to a new low. I am not going to provide a link since 1) you can find it easily enough, and 2) I don't encourage people to dignify click baiting. In an article entitled: "Windows 10 Technical Preview Gives Microsoft New Shocking Spying Privileges;" however, the author takes the very public user agreement for the TP and spins it as some reckless attack on privacy. He also very intentionally implied/left to the reader's imagination that this agreement was a harbinger of things to come for Windows 10.

I would hope people here understand that a) the agreement is specifically for the TP to collect enhanced data, b) it is hardly any different from previous Windows alpha/beta development cycles, and c) is not the Windows non beta user agreement. Of course the author conveniently ignores the fact that the stipulations he is criticizing are in every Google user agreement (in one form or another) for non-beta products. A few words have since been added but it is still a disgraceful hack job on the part of Forbes. BTW, they also appear to be pulling some of the comments criticizing the article.


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Jun 17, 2013
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TBH I wouldn't care even if it was true. I wouldn't be surprised considering they need feedback even if you don't submit it. It shouldn't be on your main system anyway. I run it as if I was expecting it to fry the computer its running on. I don't expect that, but if it happened its not a computer I use anymore so no big deal. MS can download as much or as little as they want from my TP install and that's fine with me. Just as long as its removed from the final version.

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