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Latest Round of App Updates Solved Battery Drain Issue for Me - Week 8.12.15


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Jun 11, 2013
Hey folks,

I do not know if it's just me, but this weeks round of app updates has magically solved my battery drain issues.

I'm running w10m on a Nokia Lumia 822 and ever since build 10536 my phone would randomly drain battery.
During my commute to work I will usually just find my phone very warm in my pocket.

But with this weeks updates for Photos, Camera, Mail & Calendar, Movies & TV it has all been resolved.
Of course YMMV.

For the past two days now, I will dare say that my battery is close to what it was in 8.1

Now, I wonder which of these apps were causing the battery drain (this is the mystery to me)
I hope this is solved for you too.

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