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Sep 29, 2014
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A week ago i purchased a Lumia 930. 2 weeks ago i hadn't even considered WP as a potential replacement for my 'droid - a trusty (shoddy would be closer to the truth) HTC One X.

To be perfectly honest, I had initially planned to buy the new Xperia Z3C. The only reason I am in possession of the Lumia now is because the Z3C simply wasn't available in Australia, and still isn't. Curiosity did the rest, and now here I am! And it's a bit weird? I'm still not sure on how and why I went so quickly from being a total fandroid to owning a Windows Phone.

Do I regret my purchase? Not at all. Infact, having spent the last week with my Lumia I can't help but wonder why on earth is this platform not more popular?! It really is excellent and every bit as good as what the competition have to offer. Microsoft have really nailed the interface too - this is something that I believe they do a far better job of than both Apple and Google. Live tiles make much more sense for a smaller touchscreen device. The OS looks and feels slick while offering just the right amount of customization. As fas as the Apps scene goes, everything i want or need is available. The included Nokia navigation software is first rate too! Better than both Google & Apple maps. The default keyboard is excellent (the flow function is crazy good) and doesn't require replacement by a more capable app. Also, how cool is Cortana?

So far I have yet to find any major niggles.

The Lumia? What can I say? That Nokia build quality just can't be beat. If you want a premium feeling phone, the 930 is just incredible. It looks superb too. I've owned iPhones. My partner has the new HTC One. Neither gave me the impression of premium in nearly the same way as this Lumia does. I love the weight and the depth too - both should be considered POSITIVES on the review scoresheet instead of negatives. The whole idea of thinner, lighter phones is starting to become ridiculous and counter-intuitive. The camera quality is many orders of magnitude better than what I am used to as well. I love the fact that Nokia remembered to ensure that the actual phone side of the phone wasn't forgotten - the call quality is the best I have experienced in any phone to date.

Suffice to say I am pretty happy with my new phone and my experience so far with it has been overwhelming positive. I'm glad the Z3C isn't here yet, otherwise i'd have probably missed out on this. I'm still a android too, but I don't see myself going back that way anytime soon.

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