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Jan 6, 2011
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After over a month of the live tiles not updating on my 920 I finally got them working again. Here is what I did:

I had 72 apps listed under "advanced" Background tasks. Five of the apps do have live tiles on my start menu that I wanted to continue to be updated. I deleted 7 apps that I have never used. For the remaining 60 apps, I opened each app one at a time to clear out any initial warning messages. I then went into the settings of each app to disable push notifications, live tile updates, and/or lock screen control. (I left the location service enabled if available) None of these 60 apps were pinned to the start menu, but one or more of those settings were turned on by default. Once I hit the magic sweet spot, my five live tiles starting updating again. No phone restart/reboot was necessary. My Weather Channel live tile that wouldn't update unless I opened the app is now updating again and I haven't had to opened the app since.

So this is still a problem? I was under the impression that it was fixed in WP8.

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