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Live Tiles should be on the desktop... not in the start menu...


New member
Jan 15, 2011
I've been using Windows 10 for about 6 months now on my SP3 and am one of the few who actually was starting to like how Windows 8.1 worked on my device. I can't for the life of me see why Microsoft decided to put live tiles into the start menu instead of letting them float on the desktop.

I would consider the Desktop my "Home Screen" on my computer... when I'm not in a program I am at my desktop... in Windows Phone, when you are not in an app or settings screen you are at your start screen... the whole idea of having the live tiles is so that you can glance at stuff and see updates to apps and such without opening them... isn't the desktop a better place for something like that? Then I could arrange my tiles on my desktop so if I was using floating windows I could still see a vertical row of tiles and see updates to some of the most important apps whenever I want... without having to open the start menu... it really doesn't make much sense to me that if you want to see your live tiles you have to go open a menu. The whole idea of desktop peek would make a lot more sense... the tiles could be semi-transparent like they are on WP or they could show your desktop wallpaper through them like they do on WP... really the desktop is where they should be.

Another problem with the start menu on windows 8 was the fact that you might have to scroll the menu to the other side of the screen to see tiles you have on the other side of the menu... again... what's the point of glance-able tiles if you cant see them easily and quickly. Limiting them to the desktop would allow you to limit the number you could have to begin with and add more value to the fact that they have updated content on them and can easily be seen by "peeking" at your desktop.

Most desktop users I run across hardly use the start menu... they put all their crap on the desktop and launch things from there. They could still do that and when you need to go get to less used app or setting then you dig into the start menu. I think MS was on the right track trying to move away from the start menu but I really think they could have just upgraded the desktop to include live tiles and keep more of a standard start menu around for people who wanted it.

I think most desktop users hardly ever go into the start menu.. you have stuff pinned to the task bar or you have it on your desktop... hiding the live tiles in the start menu just makes they easy to forget about.

To me one of the HUGE benefits of WP is the fact that it feels WAY more modern than the silly little grid of static icons you get on iOS and Android... the most commonly see and used interfaces on Windows are the desktop and the taskbar... both of which just show silly little grids of icons just like the other OSes... at the very least things pinned to the task bar should have been able to get live tile support... I just don't see how what they did with live tiles in the start menu makes any sense at all... it just obscures the feature just like the full screen start menu was and it will soon make them forgotten things that developers don't support.


New member
May 12, 2014
You may want to suggest to allow pin a Livetile to desktop while keeping desktop icon.

Maybe as good as Widget on Vista but more flexible

Tsang Fai

New member
Aug 11, 2014
I think it should be the choice of user, either on the Start Menu or on Desktop, or both.

Live tiles on the desktop has the advantage that you can view them every time you log in Windows.

Live tiles on the start menu has the advantage that you can view your running programs + live tiles by simply clicking on the start button. It gives users a sense of "safety", you know.

I personally do not like to put too much things on the Desktop, because I prefer a cleaner look of my favourite wallpaper.

I think your idea would be great if you are using two monitors, with the first monitor focusing on running programs and the second monitor displaying a desktop of live tiles.