Location Oddities - Samsung GPS Issue?


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Oct 12, 2010
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I'm not sure whether this is a Samsung (Focus) issue, a WP7 issue, both or neither, but I figured I'd post in here.

My Samsung Focus usually shows my location as my old home address when I'm on wifi. Sometimes it shows my current address while I'm on wifi but it's almost like it gets "pulled back" to my old address or prefers it. This obviously affects all location-based services - Maps, 3rd party apps and Find My Phone. When it does locate me correctly on wifi, it's off by a half a block or more. It's actually much more precise when showing my old address. When cellular data is turned on and wifi is turned off, it locates me at my current address but it's not necessarily accurate - right now it shows me 7 blocks from home!

I haven't been at my old address in almost 2 years. The sim card that I'm using in my Focus is the one that I had been using in my HTC Fuze/Touch Pro. I had my Fuze for about 2 months at my old address before I moved to my current address. I used GPS a few times while at my old address. Since moving to my new address, I've mostly used wifi for location and it's always gotten my location correct. I also have an iPod Touch 2G which is able to locate me accurately on wifi within a few yards of my current location.

(I plan on charging my Fuze to see where it locates me using wifi and gps. I also plan on using my Focus at a different wifi spot and seeing where it locates me)

Any ideas on what could be the cause? Does the phone use wifi and cell towers when cellular data is turned off or does it only wifi? Could it be that my router is to blame? Or is this the infamous Galaxy S GPS flaw (I thought it just took a while for the gps to get a fix but mine is way off and literally jumping back and forth)?

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