Lost contact pictures and calendar on Lumia 930

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A few weeks ago the tiles on my Lumia 930 (running Windows 8.1) which had shortcuts to contacts with pictures disappeared. As there was only a few of them and the pictures were saved on the phone, I put them back and didn't think any more about it. More recently I was checking my calendar and noticed that all the entries had disappeared. These had previously been backed up from a hotmail account (which I never use for anything other than as a backup) but hotmail had become Outlook.com. Checking the Outlook.com calendar all of the calendar entries were there, they just hadn't synced with the phone. Checked the account settings for my Microsoft account and it is called hotmail, set to download new content every 15 minutes, content to sync only shows email (unchecked) and the server is shown as eas.outlook.com. Which all seems correct.

A search has shown a lot of others suffered the same problem, although most seemed to have lost contacts and not just the pictures and while there has been mention of lost calendars, both have been put down to an upgrade of Outlook.com. That's fair enough but what is the final status of the problem? Having the calendar on the phone with notes of where I was and what I was doing on various dates in the past is something I need to know and is the reason why I kept them on the phone in the first place. They have all been entered on the phone so the entries on Outlook (or hotmail previously) are the backup not the other way round. I actually don't want them stored on Outlook as I don't use it, I want them where I put them, on the phone.

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