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Lumia 1020 - some apps are not launching

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My Lumia 1020 is running 10.0.10586.107 ( Insider fast). For the past few days I have a major issue with apps not launching.

While some apps launch well, some don't. For ex, Whatsapp, twitter, facebook etc work. However other apps such as Mobilepass, Batterypro+, Proshot, Officlens do not launch. I tried reinstalling officelens and then it works fine. My problem is that I do not want to reinstall everything. For ex, if I reinstall Mobilepass, I need to get it configured again by my office IS team.

By the way, camera does not launch by pressing the shutter button. However, Lumia Camera is launching..

Soft reboot is not solving the issue..

Pls help!


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Jan 12, 2013
Welcome to Windows Central.

I am also experiencing the same issue with my L1020 running 10586.107. However, Office Lens and ProShot are working normally in my case. The apps that don't launch are MoWeather and Prognoza - so it appears to be not app-specific (except for MoWeather since that was a freshly installed app that won't launch).

Try reporting these issues in the Windows Feedback app to inform Microsoft about them.

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