Lumia 520: syncronization prob with Hotmail account


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Sep 9, 2013
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Hi, anyone can help me please? I recently changed my cell ph to Lumia 520 and I have the French operator Orange (never choose it btw!). Since changing the cell ph, I have had only problems with Internet, and the one problem that now remains is the following. Since synchronizing my cell ph with my hotmail account, I can no longer access my address book on my computer. Weird, yes! So, I can access my address book when I connect to hotmail by my cell ph, but when I am on my computer, and want to send an email to someone and type the person's name's first alphabet, the hotmail should give me a list of email addresses that begin with that specific alphabet, but it now gives nothing. It is as if the address book has been erased, but it is not, bc it is accessible by my cell ph. Very mysterious. I would appreciate if someone could help me, as I am getting very irritated by these constant problems. PS the technical guy at ORANGE told me to get an Android phone the next time (they have least problems).
Thank you for your help!!

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