Lumia 520 with windows 8.1. Disable narrator when volume up button is not working

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Here is the situation lumia 520 windows 8.1:
1. I turned on the narrator from ease of access
2. I forgot to turn off the narrator and my phone was locked.
3. I wanted to turn off the narrator by pressing volume up + start button, but then I realized that my volume up button is not working.
4. I could not do any operations with the narrator on and my phone locked. Even it was not taking the password correctly.

Akshay Bhagwat

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Jun 7, 2017
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I was in the similar situation and I had almost done the hard reset. But luckily I found below solution.

1. You have to unlock your phone any how.
2. When lock screen appears, double tap on the screen. It will ask you for password.
3. For entering password, press the number first and then double tap on it to input.
4. This should unlock your phone.
5. Now open the Cortana by double tapping search button.
6. Now speak "Open Ease of Access".
7. This should open your Ease of Access settings.
8. There you will find the option to disable narrator. Double click and you are done.

You have been saved from hard resetting the phone.
And never use the narrator feature on windows phone if volume up button is not working.

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