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Lumia 530 saved another life


New member
Aug 17, 2012
Original story (croatian language)
#Nokia Lumia 530 sa?uvala vlasnika od te?ih ozljeda | NokiaMob


Google translate

So far we have repeatedly picked up the story from different parts of the world as Nokia device saved the life of its owner, and it was time for a domestic.I came across a friend who works at a local shipyard, and is also the proud owner of the Nokia Lumia 530 and while we were talking I see him Lumia quite broken. When asked what the device happened, he told me that a huge chunk of the sheet broke loose from the crane, hit him in the chest and dropped a few feet in the back. At the place where he got shot, luckily there Lumia 530, which saved him from serious injuries. The blow resulted in the breaking of protective masks, masks and Lumia camera module. Of course, Lumia continue working properly even though the camera is now giving some blurry photos, but the owner is alive and well.
Viva la Nokia!


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Jul 20, 2015
Namucih se citajuci ovaj prevod, tek sam pohvatao kada sam procitao na ovaj naski :d

Well what can i say. Proud owners of Lumia devices.