Lumia 640 picture on Lock Screen/Start up how to remove


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Jun 16, 2016
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I made a picture from my photos in error set as background, when i first power on phone and it's the opening screen where you flip up to go to the main screen, and i've gone into start up screen where it shows Dark the next field Cyan and then choose a photo which is dark or dimmed
I go into Lock Screen it shows Photo in the first field and choose photo in the next and is this where that background initial is that used to be my default colors which is what i want to resume back to. Do i have to delete the picture from my photos altogether so it won't find the pic. in order to set back to default? I like the pic. i just don't need to have it on my opening screen and it's happened before and that's how i got rid of the pic. before was to wipe clean off the photos altogether.
I could use the USB cable to send photo to computer and then once off phone background start up, put it back on the phone to store in photos as general(?). I've tried finding video instruct but mostly from what i have found is how to put a photo 'on' not off.
Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.

Not sure how to update my own post other than by this edit, since there's no responses anyway, i figured it out by going in to the actual choose other photo and did so, chose a different "bing" for example then that took place of the pic. i was stuck on and then i cancelled the bing photo and now it's back to default colors which was the goal.
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