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Lumia 800 - Distorted Audio / Unusable Speakerphone

Howard S

New member
May 31, 2012

Would appreciate input from other owners.

I've just bought a Lumia 800, and would like to ask....is this phone very very poor on call audio quality, or have I got a defective unit?

I make a lot of calls, and although I'm really happy with the rest of the phone, the call quality is much worse than the inexpensive non-smartphone that I've just migrated from.

1. Audio quality through the in-built earpiece has a very 'flat' and slightly distorted/rattly quality. If you raise the volume, it becomes even more distorted and rattly.

2. When on speakerphone, the same 'flat' and distorted audio comes out of the inbuilt loudspeaker, getting worse as you increase the volume.

3. When on speakerphone and in a slightly noisy environment, you can't understand the person at the other end because you have to turn the speakerphone up to full, and the sound is then so distorted you can't understand what they are saying.

4. When on speakerphone, it doesn't appear that your voice is being given extra amplification, so you have to talk with the phone really close for the person at the other end to be able to hear you. You certainly can't talk with it more than about a couple of feet away, as the person at the other end then can't hear you.

As I say, apart from this, I'm really happy with the phone. If my symptoms match those of other users, I'm concerned that this issue is a limitation of the loudspeakers and microphone that have been put into the unit, and so can never be improved with a firmware update. Any educated views on this from those more knowledgeable than myself would also be appreciated.

Many thanks.


New member
Mar 6, 2012
Mine's absolutely fine, no distortion at all. Calls are clear as a bell on my phone. I haven't tried speakerphone yet.

Dave Blake

Mod and Ambassador Team Emeritus
Jan 11, 2008
My wife has this device and she loves it. She hasn't had any issues with call quality. I would say you have a defective device.

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