Lumia 830 or One M8 for first-time Windows Phone user?

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I'm really considering jumping into the Windows Phone world, but would like some help choosing a good place to start. I'm on ATT, so it's between the 830 and One M8 for me (1520's too big for my taste). Also, I'm coming off of iPhone if that makes a difference as to what anyone would recommend.

I like the idea of getting the Microsoft/Nokia more "vanilla" experience as well as a better camera and a more affordable phone with the 830, but worry about the lower specs compared to today's flagships. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Manny C

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May 2, 2013
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I chose the M8 over the Lumia 830 because I wanted to try something new. My first three Windows Phone devices were all Nokia and unfortunately they all had problems that I kept getting frustrated with. So far I'm absolutely loving the device and the Nokia exclusive updates and apps aren't as big as a deal as they use to be-to me anyway. The M8 has great high end specs and hardware and I'm glad I chose it because I feel I got more bang for my buck with it. But you honestly can't go wrong with either. Good luck!


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Jun 19, 2012
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That's a tough selection. The 830 provides nearly all of what WP is about, except for "hey Cortana". You get sensor core, glance, haac mics, Pureview etc.

The O/M8 is a really nice phone too. It does have a more powerful chipset that probably will work better with W10. I'd make a list of all the features from each phone then see which one out weighs the other, then go from there.

It's hard beating a Lumia on hardware alone, so its up to what features/hardware matters the most.


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Nov 9, 2012
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My biased recommendation (owner of 920, 925, 830, & 1520) would be the 830 :winktongue:. My gf came from the iphone 5s and got a 830 also and hasn't looked back and loves the Nokia. I think both the M8 and 830 are solid phones and probably won't go wrong either way.

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