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Lumia 930 - Why is the browser viewport size so small?


New member
Aug 31, 2014
What follows is a rather technical observation and question:

I did a test on the Lumia 930, which has a 5" HD display of 1920x1080, and discovered that the IE browser's viewport is 320x525 in portrait mode and only 480x233 in landscape. For portrait this is more or less up to current standards and comparable with other high-end phones like iPhone5, HTC One mini, etc,. Landscape mode however is really poor (and actually worse than the first Samsung Galaxy I9000 phone from 2010, if I remember its launch date well).
I am a web developer and this means that when you put the phone in landscape mode all web content (that is not an image), would fill the screen horizontally with only 480 pixels. That results in larger text then what you would expect for a 5" display which has such a high dpi figure.

Has anybody an idea why Microsoft reduced the viewport in such a way?