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Lumia 935 : The Ultimate Beast

RJ Priest

New member
Feb 13, 2013

THIS!!!!!! I desperately hope that the "flagship" will follow fabula design. These concepts are the direction to go in. True works of art, not cookie-cutter (ugly) design like the 935 concept image.


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Jan 18, 2013
Thread should be renamed "Lumia 935: The Ultimate Wishlist."
Nothing OP posted seems more than wild dreamings and wishes. If Microsoft releases a new flagship devices it'll likely be called the 940. 935 implies it's a variant of the 930/Icon... which isn't a brilliant move to pull a year down the road. The 940 will hopefully represent the best Windows has to offer, and advances of technology aside... I find it hard to believe you can stick all that tech into a 7mm device, and not sacrifice something.

Here's what is known so far about a possible future "Ultimate Beast."
-Windows 10: It'll more than likely come with that.
-The rest is speculation


New member
Jun 20, 2011
Source? Seems fake to me. It looks like someone went an awful lot to make it seem legit. Don't get me wrong, I'll love such a device. But this doesn't look like real to me. My concerns:
No metallic rim
No capacitive keys
They cant possibly fit 31MP pureview sensor with OIS into such a thin profile.
I thought this was the dream device forum. Fake stuff is allowed.


New member
Jul 4, 2011
Nothing wrong with a little fantasy, wishful thinking, or tad bit of photo-shopped goodness. We here on Windows Central do not get a ton of real devices to drool over.

By the way- the render of the 1535 is the best looking device design I have ever laid eyes on. It looks like a classy combination of HTC's 8S/M8, side order of Lumia personality and live tiles for seasoning. I would buy that baby even if it was a 7" phone......


Nov 12, 2012
DC-X mount adapter is ridiculous lol.

Is it just me, or does the glossy orange cheapen the look of the devices? Reminds me of the 5C :X
Additionally, is it just me who wants another 920/1020?? I really thought the heft and girth was spot on. The polycarbonate material was excellent, very similar resilience compared to the N9.


Apr 16, 2011
Its nice mockup. I would agree with those that say that QHD is a needless battery drain on such a small screen, but otherwise, I think its an attractive concept.


New member
Nov 2, 2011
Sorry but ugly and cheap with the addition of premium camera looking to me. Microsoft will never mix cheap and premium like that. Too confusing.
Edit:eek:h never mind. I didn't realize this was the dream concept/phone thread as I loaded this thread from an email which redirected me to Tapatalk. I still wouldn't like the cheap with premium mixed look though.
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New member
Dec 26, 2011
Realizing this is the "wild dreaming" thread - I'd like to see more discrete followups.

(Knowing the names are likely in flux):

920 > 930 > 940
1520 > "1540"
1020 > "1040"

With specs/design to match. If they want to unify the design between them all, that would probably be interesting.

But a regular flagship, phablet flagship, and 1020 successor should be distinct, spec wise. Obviously plenty of overlap in some areas.

[And would it too much to ask for a 940 Mini that runs neck and neck with the full size one, possibly a top notch 720p screen and slightly smaller battery being the only concessions?]