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Lumia 950 delay when I unlock the phone

Sumanth V

New member
Dec 1, 2016
I have a Windows 10 Lumia 950 mobile. When I unlock the phone, there's a delay of 8-10 sec to view the tiles screen. If any of you faced the same issue before, can you please suggest what needs to be done to rectify it?

abhishek singh21

Apr 27, 2014
could you share with us your current OS build and confirm if you an insider or not?

Have you done a soft reset?


New member
Dec 7, 2013
The last two times this happened to me, I got an update from Microsoft a day or two later; Anniversary update and then a big camera update. Mine was acting up this morning, but I put it off to an email with some embedded elements that are bringing my phone to a stop.

I did a soft reset (hold power & volume down for 10 seconds - will reboot) and that fixed it both times.
Microsoft needs to manage its OS updates in the background better. Any other app updates without issue through the store.