Lumia 950 signal strength issues/cell reception


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Dec 17, 2015
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Picked up a new Lumia 950 a couple of days ago. Replacing a Lumia 640 XL.

The signal strength for the Lumia 950 is much lower. While it doesn't drop calls people are hearing me drop in the middle of conversations for a few seconds. I called At&t and they advised me to just go pick up another phone/exchange. Maybe the phone I got was defective.

New phone, same issue. Lower signal strength and drops in the middle of conversations. And this is with the latest 10586.29 update. I had no issues installing on both phones and didn't see any errors.

My home doesn't get the best cell signal (950 is 1 to 2 bars. Other phones around 3). We use at&t because it's the only provider that gets us a signal. I've used a Lumia 830, 640 XL and they were both solid. There is also a iphone 6s living around here, no problems. Rare to have a dropped call.

Anyone else seen this issue? Since I work at home often this is deal breaker. I've had a MicroCell tower with Sprint a few years back and wasn't a big fan. And I would be buying one just for this phone which tells me it might be time to move to Android.


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Nov 16, 2011
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Hmm. I am seeing the same thing. I had a 640 and my reception was fine but on my 950 people are saying that I am breaking up as I talk. My data connection is also spotty from my desk at work where on the 640 it was very strong. Very frustrating.

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