Lumia 950 XL hardware revision number / hw issues

Luigi Zarlenga

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Feb 17, 2013
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So, I'm still evaluating whether to buy a 950 XL or not. Only one thing scares me: hardware issues. I had a L920, then I decided to buy a 1520. Since then (2 years now), it's been a real pain for me. The 920 never gave me a problem, while the 1520 is been a via crucis. I had screen sensitivity issues from day one, I tried everything, sent to warranty repair twice, changed the screen by myself, spent whole nights reading forums where people like me tried to modify the motherboard, groundings, connection, everything to solve the problem, with no results. I finally got the phone exchanged with a new one (not for free), the problem was still there. I changed the touch screen one last time by myself, and finally the phone worked fine. But I developed a love/hate relationship with that beast, and I don't want to go through something similar with my next phone.

So: I already downloaded the service manuals of both 950 and 950 XL, just to see how easy is to fix them. I hope not to need this anyway. I became very "mindful" for what concerns the hw revision of a phone, I know that hw problems get fixed in time with newer releases. I went to the store here in Italy where I live, and the first thing I looked for was hw revision number of L950XL and I noticed that is older than the one I saw in Daniel Rubino's photos.

Can you guys tell me which HW revision number you've got on your phone?


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Sep 22, 2015
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I had a dual SIM version in ordered from swiss Microsoft Store and it had
Then I also bought the single SIM version from german Microsoft Store and it has

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